Friday, June 21, 2013


Work continues at the tennis courts as over 5 inches of this 'stuff' is compacted onto the old surface.  I can't call this gravel nor dirt.  Don't know what it's called other than base material but it obviously compacts tightly to form the underside of a court.

Looks like all four courts may get their layers done within the next day or so.
Outside the wall on Cottonwood.  Sprinkler system to be installed and pine trees to get planted.

The big road equipment came in earlier than expected.  Here's the big grader doing his leveling job now that all the underground pipes have been installed.

Up by Palm Park, Fernando is cutting through the asphalt to install underground electrical lines for the new stage area.
Later this morning I just stopped to watch the fish by the big pond.  It's a pretty sight.  Very relaxing under the shade tree.

This grackle was hoping for a snack or else he just stopped by to say hello.
 I don't think anyone feeds the fish during summer so they were certainly gathering to greet me when I approached. 
BIG fish!

The perimeter wall is about finished with its paint job but I saw the painters now working on the wall around the shuffleboard courts.


There was a nice story in the Kamloops, British Columbia  newspaper about our local resident Maurice Parobec and his steps to participate in the World Transplant Games in South Africa.  You can read the full article on Maurice's blog at:  Maurice Parobec

Also in the news this week is the terrible flooding in Calgary Alberta.  We have numerous Palm Creek residents that reside in Alberta so let's hope they are safe.  Here is a link from CNN:
Calgary Alberta Flood

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