Thursday, June 06, 2013


Here are some photos from Wednesday that I didn't have time to post.  We got an opportunity to meet our new Director of Guest Services.....Cate Leu.  Cate was on a walking tour yesterday just saying hello to residents as she came across them.  Don met her in the billiards room, she found us 'girls' in the card room, and she met some folks in Stained Glass.  We were all very impressed that she was so friendly and anxious to learn her way around.  We wish her well in her new position.  (She begged for a different photo opp but we insisted.  :) )

Street signs are all down and going to the paint store for refinishing.  That will make it easier for our tired old eyes to read from a distance!  Don and I sure miss those signs on our morning rounds.  Next stop:  Site 939 on Mulligan Lane.  Mulligan Lane??  Which street is that?  I'm sure we can manage until the signs are finished and back in place.  
We had a nice chat with Wendell while he too was out on rounds.  He seems very happy to be working with Sun Communities and we talked in length about future growth and how exciting it will be.
Mama Hummer is still safe and secure on her thin wire nest.
Five foot deep holes are dug waiting for the palm trees to be relocated here.
Don went to pose inside the new dog park.  He's waiting to learn new tricks.
Yesterday I posted that work was done at 166.  Guess I was wrong as today there is a company there to resurface the driveway. 
Meanwhile, out on the golf course, the greens are now being carefully aerated.  The greens get a much gentler approach with smaller plugs.
The rows are nice, even, and concise.
Plugging the ground like this will let in proper moisture and air for better growth.
Next these clumps will be mowed so they blend in.

Tree trimming continues.
This is a "before" shot down our street.  Will get another one after these trees are done.  With the hard frost we had this winter, there is a LOT of trimming to do on each tree.  Thank goodness we don't have to haul all that debris to the landfill.  This will be a big boost to our recycling compost program.
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