Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Tapas Tuesday

We had a nice turnout for our first tapas Tuesday.  Based on the head count, it looks like we'll continue each Tuesday for a while.

What a delicious buffet of finger food and hordourves.

The bulletin board advertises all the planned activities.

Looks like all the concrete has been removed from behind the old pro shop.

Today truck load after truckload hauled it out from behind the fenced area.

It is piled up front so it can be hauled away.

Work is starting inside the ballroom.

Eddie is tasked with first removing all the ceiling fans.

Most of this is prep work getting ready for the big contractors to come in and take over.  Our crews are doing as much as we can to make their start even faster.

On a calmer note:  I posted a photo of mama duck with her 5 young'uns.  I thought she lost half her crew but I'm told by several residents that we have THREE families.  The Mom with the 12 ducklings is still around and another family is with three babies.  I was going to get closer for a better picture but they looked so comfortable that we didn't want to disturb them.

The weather, by the way, has been absolutely fantastic.  We've had several days in the 70s and we even had some beautiful rain last night and this afternoon.  


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