Thursday, May 04, 2017

Green Light from City Hall

The Palm Creek expansion plans received a green light tonight at the City Council meeting.  Yahoo!!!  Let the action begin!  I think the council members were surprised and impressed with the number of attendees at the meeting.  The lady who sets up the room said they seldom get more than 5 or 6 visitors but tonight our "creekers" filled the first four rows.  (I'm guessing at least 50 of us.)  

I didn't know if photos were allowed so I just grabbed one when no one was looking.  Welcome to City Hall.  Jim Dawson, Lisa Herold, Mark Kenner, and Kevin Flynn were all present.

Another planning meeting was held this morning for our summer residents who are interested in organizing fun events in addition to the ones already planned by Activities.

First order of business was to establish a park wide happy hour called Tapas Tuesday on Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 in the SanTan Room.  Barb Poole lead the meeting and is going to get some kind of calendar for us because we came up with a long list of fun things.

WOW.  Sure didn't take long to down the two palm trees!  We're moving right along.


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  1. What I can't believe is that these plans hadn't already been ok'd long before now.


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