Friday, May 05, 2017

Cinco de Mayo

We had a HUGE record breaking turnout for our Cinco de Mayo celebration today.  At last count, there were 197 tickets sold.  It's a good thing the ballroom was still standing so we could hold the event in there as the Santan room wouldn't have been big enough for all of us.

The whole staff was on hand to serve us.

Entertainment was provided by a Peter, Paul, and Mary group.  

The event was sponsored by "Amazing Dental Care" and they are also going to sponsor all of the coffee and donut events this summer.  Since they invested in such a nice event for us, I'd like to give them a plug here.  Amazing Dental owns and operates a dental business in Algodones.  

If you have an appointment for some extensive dental work with them, they provide free van transportation to and from Mexico.  (for patients only, not spouses).  Depart early morning and back that evening.  If an overnight trip is needed, they provide transportation and discounted rates at the Best Western Hotel in Yuma.  They distributed a nice brochure listing all their rates and available procedures.  Sounds pretty good so remember to give them a try when you return next season and are heading for a dentist.


Today's cartoon is of Bob Daniels and I taking pictures of each other!  LOL

OMG!  There's a chance of rain on Tuesday!  Thought I'd share this forecast with all our friends who have gone away.  

And it's going to be windy tomorrow.  How we suffer.

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