Tuesday, May 02, 2017

RC Flyers & Update

Now that the underground concrete footings are out of the way, they've continued tearing out the asphalt and curbs in this area.  It's all broken up now and ready to get hauled away.

A lot more fencing is down plus someone had the tough job of digging up all these posts and chunks of concrete.  More stuff to haul away.


RC Flyers News:
Sunday, April 30th, Maurie Sumption (of Palm Creek) gave flying lessons to 5 young people (13 on down) and two fathers at the Casa Grande RC Flyers field.  The families are part of a 4H group that Alan & Nancy Friedman visited last month to teach about aviation.  Maurie has done a wonderful job teaching countless individuals to fly both at the Casa Grande field and the Palm Creek field that the Casa Grande club is nominating him for Goldberg award with the Academy Of Model Aeronautic (AMA) as well as a District 10 award.  He is deserving of both.  If he wins the nomination, he will be asked to speak at the 2018 AMA national convention. 
 Great job Maurie. 

The McDonalds restaurant on Florence Blvd is torn down and will be rebuilt into a bigger and better facility.

In the Casa Grande city council minutes, it said the owner wanted to keep this current location and expand, so the city gave him permits to expand the building size and make a two lane drive thru. The city wanted him to keep this current location as well. Will be under construction a few months.  (*Copied from NextDoor posting.)


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