Thursday, May 04, 2017

Clearing for the Bistro expansion

Mama Duck only has five ducklings left that I can see.  She now stays pretty close to the creek.  I'm thinking the catfish on the ponds are big enough to snatch a little duckling.  Initially, we saw her with 12 babies. 

 Fernando is back to the tonka toys again as he pulls up all the concrete from the patio outside the pro shop.  This whole area will be paver stones and expanded Bistro.

Soon it will all look like this:

 The first two palm trees are coming down today and the sod will all be dug up to prepare for the new pro shop.

Side walk and underground sprinkler systems are being pulled out.

At the dog agility park, Sandy Morin and some volunteers are prepping the dog run for summer activity.

Meanwhile, pickleball still continues all summer long.

Landscaping chores continue.  It's time to trim the oleanders along the wall and perimeter of the park.


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