Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Phone Lines

From Gary Lambert regarding the old Palm Creek phone numbers:

Here is a compilation of information Gary has gathered on the necessary steps to keep your existing site numbers. 

Dear Resident,

Below is a cut and paste of several answers I have compiled in trying to understand what it will take to get your current site phone number ported over to whichever service you choose.

The service is currently with a company called Integra. They are also known as Electric Lightwave.

From our Telecom consultant: “I want everyone to understand that this is not a mobile-to-mobile consumer port. This is a business to consumer port (challenge 1) plus may add complexities of business land-based services to residential mobile services (challenge 2). Easy porting has been set up for high volume, consumer transactions. This is neither. Business porting requires exact documentation, scheduling, and is not typically done from business to consumer. I only point this out to help you set their expectations as this is a lot different than talking to Verizon or Costco.”

In general, here are the steps that must be followed (it may vary somewhat by company):

·         Each resident should obtain the winning carrier’s paperwork with the number in question to allow Palm Creek to release the number to them.
o   The name on the paperwork for Palm Creek as the entity releasing the number (SUN COMMUNITIES OPERATING LP DBA PALM CREEK GOLF (900301)) must match your Integra bill or it will be rejected by Integra as Name Mismatch. If the winning carrier insists on a bill copy, just give the resident a copy of the first page of the most recent bill. (Request from Gary if required).
·         An authorized Palm Creek person will sign the paperwork (Integra can reject the request if it is not signed by an authorized person). This will be Gary Lambert
o   The resident signs the form as well accepting ownership of the number
o   The resident then submits everything to the new carrier and if all goes smoothly, the number ports and comes off your bill and onto theirs.

Usually the signatures and bill copies are only good for 30 days. Once we cancel our account with Integra all of those numbers are no longer available to be ported because they are back in “general population”.

Please email me your filled out forms from your new carrier, and I will complete my part and return to you. Email is preferred, and my email address is We anticipate cancelling the account with Integra on or about July 1st, so please act now if you want to keep your site phone number.


(from Sue).....My Opinion:

It seems to me that it's a whole lot easier to just use our cell phones and forget about these specialized site/phone numbers.  

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  1. Some folks enjoy the challenge created by change. Some hate it, particularly as we grow older. Change rocks our boat and we resist as much as we can. PC management has been telling us for over a year that the phone system as we knew it was going away. Most residents as well as RV'ers have cell phones so it should not be much of an issue to use them instead of our park phones. At issue is an antiquated system with high maintenance costs, as well as providing for all the new homes and RV sites. It simply was not worth the cost to stay with old technology. PC has offered options, but I agree with Sue Hepler, a cell phone makes the most sense. Sun is a profit motivated company. We expect them to manage efficiently and keep our fees competitive. As residents we need to do our part too.


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