Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cactus Flowers

Still nothing exciting to see regarding construction but our weather has been absolutely gorgeous!  Perfect temps and lots of sunshine.  Weatherman says triple temps are on the way but we're loving this cool below average stuff.  

Because it is such a joy to be outdoors, Don doesn't even complain (much) when I yell at him to stop for a cactus flower picture.  This one was cute as one last blossom held out while the others had obviously expired.

This one has pretty red flowers.

This crazy potted cactus with its long crooked stem is showing off too.

Such a huge variety of landscaping here.  I never tire of watching it.

Lorraine & Jerry Walden at Site 2014 posted this picture on Nextdoor.  Awesome!!

I've never seen so many blossoms at the top of a saguaro before.

Beautiful scene from someone's backyard.

We say THANK YOU to our hard working, dedicated crew that keeps this place so nice.
Clint spends MANY hours on a mower.

Faustino is a master with a shovel and gets a lot of hard assignments.

The golf course and the lawn bowls area are getting aerated.

Need to open the soil so nutrients and water can get in.

Here's the exciting news!  Don bought a new drone!!!  We're going to have some FUN taking videos and pictures for the blog.  Will give him some practice time and then will be able to post pics from a bird's eye view.  We wanted to make sure we weren't violating any rules or privacy things so got clearance from Kevin Flynn to take pictures over the construction area.

Here you can see us practicing in front of our home.  Awesome!

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