Friday, May 19, 2017

Ballroom, Bye Bye Barbie, and moving a palm tree

Work on the ballroom progresses.  Looks like the next step is to tear up the entire floor.  First they saw through it and then remove the flooring in chunks. 

Up at the north 40, we saw evidence of removing some of the oleanders along the berm on Granite Street.  Don't know how much they plan to remove so we'll be watching the progress.

Uh Oh..............Barbie Rasmussen is leaving us and will be moving back to her home turf in the Show Low area.  Thank you, Barbie for all your help in the past.  

Here's a posting of a drone video where they dug up one of the palm trees at the north 40 and they're using it as a replacement at a site where one had expired.

Big tree to be cruising down the street.

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