Monday, May 01, 2017

North 40 update

May 1....Don and I are officially out on our daily morning rounds of house watch duty and hunting for blog news.  We're probably not supposed to be riding around in the "north 40" as I call it because it is now officially a construction site..........but we're "on duty" with camera in hand and feel like reporters scoping for a story.  Call us paparazzi.

First thing we noticed is that all the rigs are gone from the RV storage area.  

Ron says the airfield tables are being moved to the city airfield this week.  He is sneaking in one last day on our local turf.

The inside gate is coming down.  First he has to move the dirt away.

I hadn't noticed this new fence outside the perimeter.  This is a temporary one until the new wall is built.

I didn't realize there were actual roads back here between all the mounds of dirt.  

They're loading up truckloads of the mulch and hauling it all away.

That's why the north gate is now open.

Weed control is constant around here.  It seems someone is always walking the lots to spray weeds.


Our sons came for Sunday dinner yesterday.  We went to show off our beautiful koi and fish in the ponds.  Anton had to get close and personal while he hand fed the fish.  He was close to the edge when the fish surged up and swamped him in their eagerness for the yummy bread treat.  LOL.  Made our day!

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