Monday, May 08, 2017

Quiet Beautiful Day

OMG............what a beautiful day!!  Temp was only 65 when we got up this morning.  We're back from our rounds and its only 83 with just a light breeze.  Feels wonderful out there!

Not much action to report so far today.  Our landscape guys are clearing the concrete and debris out of the bistro patio are and dumping it in the new pro shop area so it can be hauled away later.  


Trucks are still hauling dirt and mulch from the back 40.  Well over 100 loads have gone and there's a LOT more to go.

Pickleball players are over at Robson today but the tennis players were busy.

The photo award winner for the day is this cute picture of two baby hummingbirds curled up in the nest waiting for their Mom to come back.  Thanks to Jeanette for sharing their hiding place.


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