Saturday, May 02, 2015

Strange Day

What a strange unusual weather day today.  It started out with clear blue sky and only a few scattered white puffy clouds.  Temps in mid 90s.  Then as we were getting ready to go out to dinner tonight around 4:30, we heard this loud noise and went outside to discover that it was raining!!  All around us was clear blue sky.  Straight up above was a thin dark layer of clouds that brought the rain.

Neighbors were all outside to see the unusual phenomenon. Here is a photo I took of the sunny sky but if you look closely at the street, it is getting wet from rain.  Honest.  It didn't last long but it was certainly a surprise.
Suzette Taylor sent another sky photo saying they even had some light hail at their side of the park.
Maybe it was the strange air temperature or barometer readings but something else weird happened this afternoon.  I actually won 12 straight poker hands in a row at our Omaha game!  Unbelievable!  Nobody ever does that.  There had to be a magnetic disturbance in the force ... or something like that.  I seldom have luck at poker so it was very entertaining.  I have never mastered a poker face though so one time I even burst out laughing when I got another full house on the initial flop of cards.
It gets pretty quiet around here when most folks leave us so our pickleball players gang together from around town in order to maintain some good games and fellow players.  Avis Gray sent me these photos from Friday morning.

They had 42 players opening day at Palm Creek on May 1.    There were players from Mission, Robson, Dave White, Sundance, and one from Eloy.  It was a good morning to play and when they finished around 9:30, it was just 81°.  Perfect pickle weather!

A "thank you" goes to the ambitious folks who gather the group together and organize play.  Here's Charlie from Robson, Avis from Palm Creek, and Bill from Mission.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and had to go a couple miles out of the way to get home.  Part of Henness and Cottonwood have been closed for resurfacing.  I believe it's done now so we can get in and out of the park okay again.

Any time you think you're having a bad day, remember that it can always get worse somewhere else.  Check out these photos copied from the internet.



Here's my favorite:

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