Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Cinco de Mayo plus more

While our mornings and evenings are absolutely perfect temperatures, the afternoons are too hot to enjoy out of're starting some fun summer indoor activities.  Want to join us to play games or cards in the afternoon?  Come to the Adobe Room at 12:15.  We'll gather and see how many people show up and then decide what to play.  There are a jillion different kinds of rummy games, canasta, and board games to choose from and someone may bring a new idea with them.  It's a great chance to meet other summer desert rats who stay here year round.  Here's the group that played yesterday.
Later we attended our May 5 Cinco de Mayo celebration in the ballroom.  There were 64 residents in attendance.  LOTS of food and fun companionship.  Cute decorations too.  Thank you to MaryAnn, Marilyn, and crew for a delicious meal.
This morning we watched the golf course crew as they started aerating the course.  That big roller thing gets dragged behind the tractor and pulls up plugs of dirt so air and water can get down to the roots of the grass.  Then they'll run the mowers over the clumps to break them up.

We stopped to say Good Morning to Eddie of our maintenance staff as he was working at the north pool. 
Meanwhile, while we're here having fun in all this wonderful warmth and sunshine, I received emails and photos from three different Canadian friends.  It appears as though they're not so fortunate!  I bet they miss their Arizona sun!
From Gwen Black

From JoAnn Maurier:
From Dayle Johnson:

So while we bask in the warmth and sun, we'll think of our Canadian friends:





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