Thursday, May 14, 2015

Weather still Awesome!

We are all amazed at how lovely our weather has been this whole month.  It is the first topic of  conversation wherever we go.  Don and I had coffee on the patio this morning at a wonderful 71 degrees.  It's supposed to get windy today and perhaps some precious rain but its already 10:30 a.m. and the sky is still pretty blue.

The Tractor Supply Store is coming along. 
There is another small building being erected just to the east of the big store.  Don't know what it is yet or if it's just storage for them.
Construction is just starting on the south pavilion.  The gravel has been cleared and they're preparing the area.  Will keep you up to date as it comes along.
They're clearing all the rocks from this water runway.  Ouch!  I bet that's not a fun job. 
The walkway between the shuffleboard courts is nearing completion.  Looks nice!
This young gent is still loading and carrying the heavy pavers.  He must be the new man on the totem pole to draw that job.  LOL
Elsewhere around the park, the cactus plants are still showing off their beauty.  This is a crazy looking potted cactus that looks like it should have fallen apart long ago, but manages to bloom in full color.
There are more blossoms coming along Coyote Trail.
Look at this plant!  He sends out his flowers all at once!  Too bad Bob and Lucy Cadwell aren't here to see their blossoms in person.  They're beautiful.

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