Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rootbeer Floats

You can tell there wasn't much wind as we started our day this morning.  Look at all the jet contrails in the sky.  They left quite a road map and it makes one stop to think about all those people flying off to a new adventure. 
Our first stop was to say good morning to Ken Dyer at his new "Holiday Inn" as we call it.  Ken scoped out this extra large corner lot at Site 1216 so he could have a REAL garage.
His new garage door looks like it opens in the middle but it really rolls up like a regular door.  I think Ken had to shop a long time to find something this unique.  Really looks nice!
Here's Kay and Ken with their dog Cricket.  Sorry I chopped your head off, Ken but I wanted to get the cute dog in the picture.  LOL
I think Mica Lane is going to have a whole street full of new park rental houses by the end of summer.
Had to stop and say Howdy to Suzette and Avis as they enjoyed a round of golf.  What a couple of hams!  (I can say that because they're good friends.)
Wow!  Here's a hard job!  This young gent gets to dig out all the dirt around the palm trees by the front of the club house.  Look at the solid tree roots he has to dig through and then pull out all the irrigation piping so it can be replaced. 
Then the dirt will be replaced with nice fresh recycled soil so our pretty flowers can grow even nicer next season.
Only one person in the library today.  Usually there are always 4-5 folks.  It's a busy place and well used.
The ladies at the front desk always have a smile for us.
I watched Bob shoot six consecutive shots to win this game.  Way to go, Bob!
In the afternoon, MaryAnn Brown and crew were there to serve us yummy rootbeer floats.  Very nice treat.  Thank you!
We had a nice turn out.  Gaze through these photos and see if you recognize any of your friends that are still here enjoying our fantastic weather.
Then and now..........

Have a GREAT day!


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