Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Weather Continues

We're enjoying some really strange but wonderful weather this week.  We've had several thunderstorms and several rain showers....and some wonderfully COOL weather.  It cools into the 60s by night.  Awesome.  We don't get to watch true thunderstorms very often so they're always a delight.  Love listening to that slow deep rumbling thunder.  Storms provide some awesome sunsets too.  Here's a photo from Avis Gray as an example:

Suzette Taylor captured our first dusty haboob of the season where the wind just came out of nowhere with lots of blowing dust and then quickly disappeared.
We still have cactus plants that continually show off their short-lived blooms.  This pretty yellow one along the Henness Rd wall keeps sprouting new blossoms daily.

Don and I spotted a cormorant swimming and diving over on the lake at #7 fairway.  It was fascinating to watch and see how long they can stay totally underwater as they dive for fish.  I bet he can get a good meal on some of those koi and huge catfish.  It's probably a good thing that this is a rare bird for our area.
While we were out on rounds this morning, we commented on how fast the new Tractor Supply store is being built.  All these bricks came in one morning.

Also spotted some painted lines in the area for the new south pavilion so we're guessing that construction will start soon.
That's the only new news for today.  But....here's a personal note to my poker playing friends:  Julie and Linda carted me off to Wild Horse this weekend for my very first casino poker game.  I managed to come out ahead so was quite pleased.  We miss Shirley though.  Wish she was with us!!
Talk about "senior moments" ..................



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