Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day

It was another memorable Memorial Day with the flags flying high in memory of all the people who have served their country.

Most of America celebrates with the traditional BBQ and friendly gathering so we were no different.  We had 10 tables full of residents at our Monday luncheon!  If you figure about 6-8 people per table, that adds up to 70+.  That's an amazing attendance for this time of year.  More and more folks are staying longer OR even year round.
So what else do we do here??  I for one join a group in the Adobe Room for a friendly challenge of Pegs and Jokers.  My favorite game!

The poker group is dwindling but still enough gather for a game several nights a week.  During this past month of fantastic weather, others are out golfing......or trying to golf. 
Our duck families are growing rapidly but still tend to huddle together in a group.  Saw them yesterday up by the rose garden.

The shuffleboard area looks very nice with their new paved walkway between the sets of courts.
The weatherman says the upper 90s and triple digits are on the way and should be here by this weekend.  The cool temps have certainly been wonderful while they lasted.
Have you seen the new Patriot's Superbowl ring??  Scroll down:




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