Friday, May 08, 2015


We're having an exceptional merry month of May!  Weather is just gorgeous.  Today it is only 70 with a nice steady breeze.  Of course, Don is complaining that he's cold.  If its not at least 80, he freezes.  I wish I could jar up some of these cool temps to use again in July.

Our landscape crews do so much for us that people don't realize or even think about.  We see them walking block after block with a big pack of weed killer spraying all the individual weeds they find in between houses while folks are away.  Without their constant vigilance, the place would soon be over run with weeds.

Many times we see them with big leaf blowers cleaning up between houses...especially along the golf course.  And, of course, there is constant trimming of all the trees and bushes.  They do a wonderful job.

We're all watching mama hummingbird as she roosts on her high wire nest.  She has raised her chicks here before so we're happy to see her return.  What a tiny little nest!  And built so sturdy that it can rest on a thin wire without swaying.
See her way up above on the wires?

Aren't these trees beautiful??  Sure looks nice when you drive down Coyote Trail and see them in full bloom.

Lots of different plants are beginning to blossom this time of year.  It's always interesting to watch the different yucca or agave plants as they send up their fast growing stalks.

Hey!  Big news!  Raising Cane restaurant is officially open!  This is the new bilding alongside Culvers across from the mall.  Mary Ann and Donna ate there at the premiere opening and said the food was great!  They were very impressed.  I'll have photos for you soon as Don and I plan on going there to check it out in person.

Here's a copy of the menu that Donna brought for us.  Their specialty is chicken fingers. 

Also opening this summer will be Buffalo Wild Wings in the mall area.  Two new chicken places so close to Chick-Fil-A.  That's some heavy competition.

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