Friday, May 29, 2015

Around the Park

Work is beginning on Building B.  This is the building that houses the Santan, Sonoran, Adobe Rooms, etc.  The floor is being covered to protect the carpet as they're getting ready for painting.  I'm guessing the ceilings will be painted too as there is an electrician taking down all the ceiling fans and light fixtures.
Our maintenance crew of Nick, Luis, and Jaime have been working hard getting the room ready.  If you haven't met these three young men, you should take time to do so.  They certainly do a lot of the behind the scenes work in keeping our park so lovely.

Eddie is outside repairing and installing the electricity that runs the spotlights up the palm trees along the walk way.  Now that our temperatures are back to a seasonal normal (i.e., HOT), the outdoor jobs in the full Arizona sunshine get tough.
Spotted MaryAnn Brown freshening the activities bulletin board for our summer events.

Here is Dora (head of the housekeeping staff) as she goes about assisting with "the chores".

More digging around every palm tree in the front admin area so irrigation lines can be replaced.

It has begun!  The annual trimming of the palm trees.  Look at the view down Oasis as the left side is trimmed and the right side is still waiting.  Soooooo much work to maintain our palms.

It was approaching 90 already in the early morn but the pickleball players were out and active.  Today the group meets here at Palm Creek and they had 44 players.


Here is a group of sewers/crafters that is getting together on Friday mornings.  I guess you could call it a "crafter's bee".  It's always nice to share a hobby with friends.

Great words of wisdom...........


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