Saturday, May 16, 2015

Precious Rain

We had some wind and some precious rain yesterday!   Have I mentioned that our weather has been very nice lately??  We're thankful for every day!

There had to be a beautiful rainbow somewhere as the sun came out during the rain.  I think the palm trees really liked getting a nice bath.

It rained a nice steady rain for a long time during the night too.  Love listening to the rain while snuggled in a nice comfy warm bed.  Morning greeted us with another beautiful sky.

We enjoy our patio time.  The hummingbirds keep us good company.
Saw no damage on our rounds and just one large puddle on the golf course over by #2.
It was COLD as we drove around  in our golf cart.  Ranger Bob and I were both chilly.
Yesterday was "chili dogs" day.  Staff members cooked and treated us to a fun yummy lunch of coney dogs, French fries, and brownies for dessert.  Our summer events are usually low in numbers but there seem to be more people here as there were over 40 people present.
Thank you to MaryAnn and crew for cooking and serving us!
We're still trying to spread the word about some of other summer activities.  Remember to gather in the Adobe Room any afternoon around 12:15 if you want to play some kind of card game.  What we do depends on how many people show up. 
There is another group that plans on meeting each Friday morning around 9:00 in the Adobe Room for hand crafted stuff......either bring your beading project, knitting, handiwork of any kind and have a coffee clutch or "bee".  Contact Kay Oliver at Site 1216 for questions.
Next Wednesday (May 20) is root beer floats at 1:00 in the ballroom.  Get your tickets at the front desk.  Might as well also pick up tickets for the Memorial Day lunch on Monday the 25th. 
Image result for clipart of rootbeer float

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