Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Summer Action

The weatherman (woman?) Meteorologist says it's going to warm up to the upper 90s this weekend.  We've been so very happy with the April weather!  It's been just perfect day after day so far.  We had a real thunderstorm a couple nights ago. Actually saw some lightning and heard the ominous rumble of thunder.  Had some beautiful rain but it didn't last very long.  Now we're back to clear blue sky.

The view across the street from our house certainly looks different now that all the RVs are gone.  We once again are back to open spaces with a nice view.
Don't think that because it's quiet that it means we don't have anything to do.  MaryAnn revised our summer calendar to include the hours that the remaining clubs and crafts will be available.  We still have activity.
Took a couple photos along our daily tour.  Baby doves are abundant.  Saw these beauties nesting in a cactus.  I think I'd like a little more padding if it were my nest.

Whoops....don't know if it was the wind or another tight corner for someone, but Nick from our maintenance department was replacing a stop sign this morning.  Hi Nick!
Donna Cox is busy busy busy in the mailroom now that her winter helpers have all gone home.  She still keeps her smile though.

Say hello to Dorothy Quigan.  She has been volunteering in the library for quite a few years and is always glad to help.  The computers are still used every day and jigsaw puzzles are always under construction on the table.  Our library gets used a lot.  It's a great place to stop in and read the daily newspapers that are always available.
Aha......there's hubby and his friend Bob Anderson in the pool room.  They're having fun shooting different games.
Here's Neil Jeffers checking out the water cooler that decided to spring a leak.  Never a dull moment for our maintenance crew.


How about some creative art and word games??
Can you tell the names of the photos?  Try to guess before you scroll below the photo.

A fork in the road.
Assaulted peanut.
Dr. Pepper
Egg plant
Gator Aide
Hole Milk
Lite Beer
Money laundering
Okay...............that's enough.  Have a GREAT day!




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