Saturday, April 25, 2015

What to do in summer?

April weather is fantastic!  One of our favorite months to enjoy the outdoors.  Don and I have started our morning house watch rounds and really enjoy being out in the early morning.

We had to stop at the north gate just to gaze over at the mountains in the distance. 

Then, of course, we stopped to chat with the guard covering the gate entrance.  Say Hi to Charles Raider who was on duty that morning.  The north gate will close on May 2.  Charles says traffic through that gate is already very slow.

Readers ask how we keep ourselves entertained during the summer season.  Our Activities Dept is certainly helping to keep us in the action.  Look at the nice calendar MaryAnn Brown has prepared for us. 

She has arranged for an event each week all summer long.  Those who are still here should go up to the front desk (Activities Office is officially closed for the summer) and get tickets for the Cinco de Mayo event on May 5. 

Next comes Coney Island Dog day on May 15.

While doing our house checks for the day, Don took time to amble over and chat with Clint who was out on the golf course with the lawn mowing chores. 

Clint has been with Palm Creek for many a year and contributes a great deal to maintaining our pretty course and landscaping plus a multitude of other behind the scene chores.  Thank you, Clint, for all you do for us.

The wildlife around here keeps us entertained too.  I know some folks complain about the noisy birds but I really enjoy their sounds and antics.  We watched Mom and Dad grackle as they were teaching their young tribe to scavenge the white garbage bags on trash day.  They're clever enough to tear through the bags to get to the goodies inside.

I'd like to take a moment to introduce some relatively "new" friends here in the park.  Say Hi to Dan and Loretta Spanton.  They moved here (full time) from Washington and have quickly made Palm Creek their happy home.  Loretta discovered the pottery, lapidary, and silver smithing and immediately got hooked on all of it.  In addition to the six display trays of jewelry she'd created, you can see the beautiful flower she made in pottery and the majestic owl too.  Not bad for a beginner, eh?

Dan is enamored with painting water colors.  He enjoyed the classes taught here and has done some great works already.  I especially love the painting he's done of the bistro area.  Love those palm trees!!

I've received a number of fun emails from those folks who have returned to their "other home" only to find themselves in dreary rain or cold SNOW.  I'll think of you as you are back there shoveling snow or raking yards, or other household chores while I bask in the sunshine or go swimming in our beautiful pool now we have it back to ourselves. 
Y'all have a great day!
Over the years, I've acquired quite a weird collection of photos.  Perhaps I can share them with you here occasionally?

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