Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Here Comes the Quiet Time

Whew!  What a busy season that was.  Now it's time to slow down the pace a step or two.

The flowers are done.  Our flower season is just the opposite of what folks back east experience.  You're just getting ready to plant your spring annuals and we're pulling ours out.

That doesn't mean we're done with colorful and cheerful colors though.  The Palo Verde trees are in full bloom and decorate all the streets with their brilliant yellow blossoms.
These gorgeous cactus flowers continue to pop out at various sites around the park.  You never know when to expect them as they keep their own time line.  This fantastic beauty is on full display this morning on Oasis at Site 1857.  Congratulations to Rose Neuman for raising such a beauty.

This little guy is showing his first blossoms behind Paul and Betty Preston at 1952 on Granite.  He's doing a great job for such a new plant.  Two more big buds ready to pop in another day or so.

Lots of folks have left the park but there are still enough die-hard poker players to strike up a good game.  We even held a special Omaha tournament on Tuesday night!
Found a couple interesting tips on the internet.  Thought I'd share them with you.  Have fun!



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