Friday, April 10, 2015

Great Weather

Our treasured April weather is here!  Just lovely and not too hot yet. 

Our new street signs seem very popular with residents.  Now I see them finishing the bottom of the signs with nice brick work.

Spotted Ricki Persing at her station by the front Welcome table again today.  She and Myron have spent many many hours there this season.

This is a weird photo but just wanted to show how the Sunseekers RV group displays their tail lights each evening while they're here at the Alpha rally.  It's really pretty neat and is a sure sign of their friendly welcome.

I chatted with a lady this morning who is in charge of registration for the rally.  She said there are 104 rigs scheduled and only 75 had arrived so far.  That means more Alphas will be arriving over the weekend.  Glad to see them coming in for a good time.

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