Sunday, November 29, 2015

Just Another Day

It might be a bit chilly for us desert dwellers, but we love the sunshine.  I went for a nice bike ride just to see what folks were up to this morning.  

I watched in awe as these two guys were giving themselves a good work out on the softball field.  I can't imagine hitting a whole bucket of balls and still be able to walk!

Meanwhile, out in the field, his friend was running to catch the fly balls and return them all to the bucket again.  Great exercise.

The pickleball courts were definitely in use as a round robin was just getting started.

It's not just organized events and activities that keep us busy.  There are always happy hours or friendly get togethers to attend. saw that right.  Tom is very proud of his fishing Santa hat!  We're all glad that he and Elaine are such avid fishermen as we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor at those great fish frys.

Jean Riseland picked a beautiful day to have friends over for a housewarming event at her lovely new home.  Beautiful view down the golf course.

Don't forget to pick a child's name from the giving tree in the Activities office!  Presents must be turned in by December 10.