Friday, November 06, 2015

All 32 Courts Occupied

What a difference to see sudden green grass and so many trees and shrubs.  Crews were out cleaning up all the areas this morning, raking, clearing, sprucing it up.

It will have to be quite impressive for the rental folks who come here and see all this done so nicely and have a brand new house to move into.

All 32 pickleball courts were occupied this morning!!  This is obviously a VERY popular sport.  Seeing all of's hard to remember that it started out with just four converted tennis courts.

Quite a few more trees and shrubs waiting to put their roots into the ground.

Nice painted stripes on the new parking sites.  ATVs are also popular so this new parking area is a wise idea.  It makes easy in and out access for their frequent rides.

The RV storage parking looks almost full.

We could see the remote control airplanes active this morning so stopped out to say hello.  Some of these planes are obviously more than just a toy.

We met Ron Penner and some of the other flyers.

Ron can actually control his plane so it stands still in mid-air.  Awesome to watch.

Later we spied this pickup truck loaded with four beautiful dogs.

Fernando introduced us to the owner.  He is here to inspect the pool as he is the owner of Aqua Flow.  His dogs frequently travel in the truck with him.

Super friendly and lovable pups.  I wanted to take them home with me.

 As we drove around the park, we kept meeting up with Ron Myers and his wife, Coleen as they were out for their morning walk.  Don finally snapped their photo to show to the folks back home.  

Fresh new sod is being installed at the south pavilion doggie run.  

 Shuffleboard folks were just finishing up and checking the scores as we drove past. They're a friendly group and enjoy having new players.