Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Monday Announcements

Today was the first Monday morning coffee session up at the Bistro.  I love going to this each Monday to hear about all the exciting things lined up for the week...........plus another chance to chat with friends over a cup of java.

Marion Nelson lists off all the upcoming special events and Phyllis Beebe brings us up to date on Activities.  It's informative .... and amazing that so much is happening here every week.  

Join us at 8:00 for Monday morning coffee and a free donut.  You need a ticket though as seating is limited and they need an accurate headcount to determine how much to prepare.  Pick up a ticket in the Activities office.

Starting next Monday the Bistro will be serving hamburgers and brats out on the patio.  Gather some friends and head up there for lunch on Mondays.

Same holds true for Wednesdays.  Lunch out by the pool.  This week is yummy taco salad.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 10 for our first craft fair.  

The big national pickleball tournament starts next week so be prepared for some heavy duty traffic around the park.  There are 800 players and 1500 attendees so the place will be crowded.  The first four days are held at Robson but come Thursday, the events come here.  Here is a link to our pickleball club blog where you can see the schedule:

Meanwhile there is water aerobics at the main pool.

And a big crew at the north pool.

The housekeeping staff certainly stays busy these days.  I imagine they are also tasked with cleaning all the model homes and rentals as folks come and go.  We thank that entire staff for keeping our resort so lovely and enjoyable. 

Looks like the new parking areas by the pickleball courts are already in use.

There were many many bikes and golf carts out there bright and early today.

Every court was occupied!!!  It's a good thing more will soon be available.

YES!!  The softball players are out at practice.  Love to watch their games!  I give them a big thumbs up.

We hear that the NEW courts will be ready for play later this week.  

The Sports Grill is open for business.

We found Faustino and Fernando hard at work doing some cement patching.  Never a moment to spare.

Crews are finalizing the new RV sites by the pickleball courts.....finishing the concrete wall....spreading all that gravel!