Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Craft Fair

Every Monday lunch is served on the Bistro patio.  Come get a hamburger, hotdog, chili dog, chicken sandwich, bowl of soup.........join us.

 Some of the poker players will be gathering for lunch and casual conversation while we enjoy the menu.

For entertainment, we can watch the water volleyball players.

The second Tuesday of each month is our craft fair.  It was packed up there this morning.  Lots of fun to see everyone and explore what the vendors bring to us this year.

You MUST stop at this booth for the Loving Hands, Loving Meals group.  This group of very dedicated people bake the most wonderful goodies and make handcrafted items for sale.  All proceeds go to support the local Cancer Support Center on Henness Road where many folks go for their chemo treatments.  They serve nutritious meals and treats for patients there......and deliver meals to Palm Creek patients as well.

Three cheers for the kitchen staff as they keep everyone fed throughout the day.

Thank you to Dwayne Meister for staffing the grill.

I don't know how this Wonder Woman manages it, but Marilyn Goeken is in charge of the kitchen and food venues.  Can you imagine trying to order all the supplies, schedule the staff, do the budgeting, etc. for such a huge job??  We salute you, Marilyn.  

In addition to our busy normal schedule, there are special events and parties, pickleball tournaments, sports grill, Monday patio lunch, and the bistro.  Wow!!!