Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Construction Update

A quiet early morning brought a nice surprise as we spotted John Ross and his balloon for the first time this season.  Welcome back, John!  Want to take a balloon ride and view Palm Creek from the air?  Check with the Activities Office and get the contact information for John.  

Monday is bingo night in the ballroom.  Come join us for fun.  The jackpots are growing!

Tuesday we spotted a whole truckload of fresh green sod arriving.

Bales of it were stacked out by the softball warm-up field.

Today it looks like this!!!  What a transformation!

Congratulations to Fernando and crew for some fast work.

Now comes the job of planting all these trees.  Digging a hole is never an easy chore in our hard desert soil so jackhammers were heard for the day.

These trees will line both sides of the warm-up area.

Many more bushes and trees are being planted between the new rental houses.

Meanwhile, our housekeeping staff is busy cleaning and shining the new rental homes as they ready for their first guests.  Notice in the background that some guests are already arriving.

The batters box at the softball field is being readied for the season.

Holes for the gas pipeline are being filled in after the pipe is strung under the streets.

Our landscape crew is hard at work planting flowers to beautify the whole park.

Thank you guys for all your hard work to make our park so beautiful.