Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Freedom Festival

We celebrated Veterans Day in grand style today.  The staff were busy beavers as everything was set up in the early morning.  This catering truck was an awesome display for the red white & blue event.

Typical grand decorating by our special events crew.

A great commemorative display at center stage.

Please zoom in on this sign which was displayed on the table for our fallen soldiers.

The set up alone makes us proud.

Weather was perfect for the day!  Yes, the food line was long but we met new friends along the way.

The catering crew was working at full speed.   

Such fun to see familiar faces and meet newcomers.

Our Palm Creek veterans were called to center stage as a token of appreciation from all of us.

Hi Joni.  Our media coordinator was present with camera in hand.

We heard from the national pickleball association and the VP of Sun Communities.  

We received a nice plaque from the National Pickleball Association.
Lisa Harold, our Palm Creek General Manager
Donna Christiansen, our Palm Creek Pickleball President

A great time was had by all.  


My name is Simba

If found or any info. PLEASE contact Tom or Lorie Trosper, 

Palm Creek #1410

In park tel #7410, cell phone 402-432-5502 or 402-432-5346

 $100 Reward!

Please check your storage compartments, sheds, containers, etc. in case she accidentally was locked in somewhere.  She is a very dear pet and desperately missed.