Thursday, November 12, 2015

To all Palm Creek Clubs & Bloggers

Good Morning Everyone!

I just spent the last hour with my morning cup of coffee as I toured through all the blogs and websites of the Palm Creek clubs and organizations.  I haven't visited all those sites in quite a while so was very impressed with the progress of each group.  

Reading about all the activities and projects our residents share is amazing.  We have so many talented people here!!!

Take time to cruise through each blog and website to view the projects and events of each group.

**Note to the bloggers/authors:  Add a gadget to your blog where readers can enter their email address and receive a notice each time your group posts.  It's a great tool to keep your readers informed.   (Example at the top of this blog)

If I can help anyone get started with a blog for a club or activity, let me know and I'll try to help.

Sue Hepler

Link to the clubs and activities:  PC Clubs & Activities

Have a GREAT day!