Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Tennis Progress

 The folks at the woodshop have an inspector as this young burrowing owl has been perching there for the last couple days.  Thank you, Lillie for the photo!  We never tire of seeing these little feathered critters.
Photo by Lillie Corbitt
It was a pretty day for a bike ride so I pedaled around looking for some photos to post.  Had to say hello to the gals at the front desk and admire their cute Christmas ornaments.

Found a cute little elf by the name of Barb Poole decorating the tree in the front foyer.

We've had some cold nights this week so our pretty flowers have been tucked under the frost blankets for the last couple days.  I bet they're as anxious for the warm sunshine as we are.

I still remember the first time we drove our rig into this resort and were greeted by a warm friendly smile from a greeter.  Thank you to the many volunteers who have staffed these positions and welcome our guests.  It makes a GREAT impression.

Progress continues on the four tennis courts that are being revamped.

Awwwww.......we met up with Lillie Corbitt as she stopped to introduce her new family member.  Say hello to cute and cuddly Molly.....a 6 week old miniature dachshund.  

Outside Building B, our housekeeping staff was busy chasing away the cobwebs.  It's another one of the chores we don't stop to think about.  Thank you ladies for taking such good care of us.

Every afternoon you can find a friendly group of folks at the card tables.  Come on in.  There is usually an open chair for a newcomer and the games are easy to learn.  Hand and Foot and Ponytail Canasta are good social games.

I stopped at the tennis courts on the way home as the crew was packing up for the day.  They got a lot done today.  

Uh Oh..........turned on my computer this morning and was greeted by this message from Windows.  I'm still trying to work out the bugs from the newest update.  

Here I excited with the update.