Friday, December 04, 2015

Tennis & a lemon tree

These tennis courts are getting the same top-grade professional quality surface as our new pickleball courts.  In fact, it's the same company doing the work so the layout and process looks very familiar.

All this cabling gets strung so tension can be applied to help prevent concrete from cracking.

That's a LOT of cable....and this is only in one direction.  It gets applied in both directions to form a grid.

Bingo!  The next day the concrete is poured and you would never guess how much work has been performed underneath that cement blanket.

No..................I was not there for the actual pour like we did for pickleball but I see the results.

Two courts done.  Two to go.  Chores aren't easy when working with cement as all the tools take a great deal of care to keep clean.  It must be very rewarding for these workers when they see the final results of their job.  It's quite an accomplishment!

I always smile when the grandkids come to visit Jim & Kathleen Koch as they leave pleasant memories and best wishes for us with their chalk drawings on Grandpa's driveway.

And Grandpa Koch has the most BEAUTIFUL lemon tree with a bountiful harvest.

Have a great day folks!  Get out and enjoy this wonderful Arizona sunshine!  It is predicted to be in the mid to upper 70s all week.  Yahoo!

P.S.  I have a bunch of aerial photos of the resort so put them into a slide show that will remain on the right side of the blog for a while.  What a pretty place we live in.  Photos are from John Ross and his hot air balloon.  Inquire in the Activities Office if you'd like a ride across our sky.