Thursday, December 10, 2015


Look at these awesome photos I received from my Amigo, Shirley Beck.  She has quite a view from her backyard!!  Thank you, Shirley!

I love the reflection from the pond on this photo!

Saw some action by the shuffleboard courts so stopped to check it out.  They're painting the benches.

The guys said it was really a challenging job as the benches are so close to the brick wall.

They use this electrostatic type of painting technique.  (At least I think that's what its called.)  It's true science at work.

I had to run an errand up at the office so kept my camera handy along the way.
Our billiards room seems to be busy all the time when I pass by.  Did you know we have a Palm Creek league that plays other resorts in the area?  

The Activities Department is always busy and always smiling.

Anyone who gets bored while they stay here???  It's amazing to look at all the hobbies, crafts, clubs, and activities that are available.  

Our mailroom is already swamped.  Mail and packages arrive by the truckload these days......especially as we near the Christmas holidays.

I learned something new just by chance as we met up with Kelly and Mary Kerns out on their rounds.  The photos are a bit weird as the sun was shining through their plastic cart cover but I'm posting them anyway to tell the story.  

UPS drops all the packages for Palm Creek at Kelly's house and then Kelly dons his official UPS shirt and makes the deliveries around the resort.  Palm Creek has grown so much that we have our own UPS sub-contractor!  

Their new puppy (Abby) is along for the ride.