Saturday, October 24, 2015

Tennis Anyone?

Thank you to Lynn Reiter for a great blog story:

The Arizona summer did its usual thing....depositing sand all over our wonderful tennis courts.  But on Wednesday, October 21 a hard-working group of loyal "Palm Creekers" braved a chilly, wet morning and cleaned off our courts.  In the words of Hank Olsen, our team leader... "Rain or shine we will clean!" Actually the job is easier when courts are wet! Yes, they were very wet, we had a downpour that stopped at 7:30AM.....our start time!

Our cleaning party.  Note the ominous clouds!  And look at that dirt! "It takes a village!"

Ron Bates and Dave Reiter are a team!


Sheryl are a PICKLEBALL player!!!

Max Maydew...another pickleball player with court cleaning experience!

Thanks to "Next Door" and Sandy Morin's email blast we had a crew of eight.  Thank you to everyone who came out on the dreary day. A special thanks to our PB players, Max and Sheryl Maydew and to Dave Reiter.