Thursday, October 22, 2015

Furniture and Flowers

Brrrrr...............temperature dropped down to 52 degrees last night.  We actually dug through the closet to find a jacket for rounds this morning.  

 Over by the new Phase 3 houses, the furniture trucks are again arriving to stock the new rental homes.  Christy Kochen was there to supervise the unloading.

Then another truck came with more delivery.  How fun to shop for all that new stuff.

Our new Leasing Coordinator was there also this morning but my photo didn't turn out so will have to use an older one from a couple days ago.  Say hello to Tami Deeks.

Meanwhile, the pickleball courts were busy with kids at play.

It is always exciting to see the first truckloads of flowers arrive!

  Lots of activity over by the south pavilion too this morning.  They're finishing up the brick wall around the water run off area.

Say good morning to Faustino and Fernando as they both had shovels in hand.

Walls get filled with cement and then comes the caps.

The newly seeded golf course is coming along nicely.  I think the doves will fatten themselves on all that fresh seed.

Then there are the behind the scenes (or I should say underground scenes) that most residents never see.  The irrigation system throughout the park is really intensive.  There are miles and miles of underground pipes so there's always something that requires digging.

We must give credit to our hard working landscape and maintenance crews for all the work they do..........and also to Fernando who is always there to oversee the projects.  We send a sincere thank you to all of them.

While we were at the south pavilion, I spotted Sue Bernth's golf bag sitting in the driveway ready to head off to a day of fun.

Check out her cute golf head covers!!

If I were a golf club, I would want a cover like this!!