Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Pouring the new Sports Pool

The big day so many of us have been anticipating has arrived for the pouring of the new pool.  We kept wondering how they could possibly line the sides of the pool with concrete....now we know.  The product is called Shotcrete and it works like magic.   
The trucks came rolling in and dumped directly into what I'll call a feeder where it is compressed and sprayed through hoses.  A real contractor may laugh at my description but I think the pictures will tell the story.

The tarp all around the pool kept the concrete from spraying where it wasn't wanted as they did the top edges.

Other works scraped and leveled the surface as work continued.

I stayed for about half an hour to see them get started.

Three hours later I returned to find their progress.

Later that afternoon it was all done.  They say its safe to walk on within 90 minutes....but I certainly won't try it.