Friday, October 16, 2015


Here is some of the finished work from Barb Poole and Gloria Mason as they work on the breast cancer awareness campaign.  These are being posted world-wide with the message 
that "It Could Be You".  Scary thought!!!   

Marilyn Goeken is "on the job" checking out the food wagon and prepping for the season.

Tons and tons of stone and brick have been brought in this summer.

The irrigation is now buried at the site of the softball warm-up area.

Soon we'll see the pretty green grass.

Loads of gravel are waiting to be spread between the new houses.

South doggie run irrigation is ready.

Spotted this cute set up this morning.  Nice!!

This special concrete for the pool has been getting watered three times a day since it was poured.

There's still a lot of work to do around the pool.  Walls and pillars need to be up.  Then the cool deck that surrounds the pool.  The actual finish layer inside the pool will be last.

The ball field is coming along nicely with a rich field of green.  

Here's Don taking the good photos for you.  

We met this great group of friends as they were out for their morning walk. 

 Say hi to Carol, Cheri, and Melba.