Tuesday, October 13, 2015

South Pavilion

I thought we had seen the last of the dust storms for a while but the wind kicked up the other afternoon and we could see this dandy cloud on the horizon.  Thank goodness the wind was from the east which blew that cloud over toward Maricopa.

We have a new ranger on board.  Meet Sydney Hards....also known by friends as Syd the Squid as he likes to spend time scuba diving.  I think that hobby will have to be curtailed for this season as our desert doesn't have much deep water to support the hobby.  

October and Halloween give opportunity for some fun fall decorating.  I see Donna and Sam Cox have been busy celebrating the fall season.

The south pavilion is still in progress.  We've watched these men doing the time consuming hard work of decorative stone work along the walls at the pavilion.  It is a type of art form to pick among the odd sized stones and find the right size and shape to do the wall.

After the mortar dries, there's a lot of clean up to do with a steel brush between all the rocks.

Ken Wolf has been out with his dandy camera again and sent two great photos to share.  
Thanks, Ken!!

Roadrunner by Ken Wolf

Hummingbird and feeder by Ken Wolf
Don and I drove around the construction area this morning but didn't do any photos as they start to all look the same.  Painting the pickleball courts will start soon so we'll have something interesting to show you then.  Have a GREAT day!