Friday, October 09, 2015

Beautiful weather

October is my FAVORITE month of the year in Arizona as it is such a relief from the HOT triple digits of the previous months.  It feels wonderful and with today's light breeze, the 80 degrees is just perfect.

These flowers seem to be enjoying the weather too.  We spotted these unusual yellow blossoms on a plant as we drove by Kay and Ken's place this morning.  Kay says it is some kind of "shrimp" plant.  Very unusual and attractive.  Ken says the Hummingbirds flourish in this flower bed.

Irrigation lines are being "planted" on the new softball warm-up field.  

Fernando took his turn on the tonka equipment today as he's helping to dig a trench for the irrigation lines to the warm-up field.

Did this tree get struck by lightning???  All the bark at the top of the tree is missing.


It's a beautiful day for the ducks too.  The back 9 is a fast growing luscious field of green.

Work continues on the sidewalks along the pickleball courts.