Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Other Activity

While we were busy watching the pool being sprayed, we noticed several truckloads of new furniture being delivered to the rental homes.  It would be rather fun doing all that shopping!

The food cart really got a nice face lift.  Looks nice.

Crews have been busy clearing away all those huge piles of dirt and making the area smooth once again.  That's no small task considering how dug up everything has been.

Blount's crew is still busy.

Here's another nice finishing touch!  They've put decals on all the doors of Bldg B to help identify the rooms.  This will make it much easier for newcomers to find their way around.

The Santan room has new shades!  These will be easier to handle instead of the electric ones that gave us so much grief.  I'm sure the camera club and computer club will be delighted.

Looks like this circular flower bed will have a make over as well.

Someone has been busy with changing the displays outside the library.  Our craft folks have been busy all summer.


Speaking of busy..........I peeked through the Activities office window and saw MaryAnn Brown working away getting ready for your return.

Finishing the sidewalks and walk ways by the new courts.

Decorating the brick walls by the south pavilion.

Hours and Hours and Hours of work getting ready to reseed the rest of the golf course.

This is just a pretty photo Don took from someone's backyard this morning.  Nice view.

Clint has spent endless hours on a mower this summer.

At least we finally cooled down into the 80s and 90s instead of the intense triple digits.