Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Construction News

The weatherman is giving us a bit of a challenge with rain and thunderstorms these days.  We're getting some lovely rain to help the golf course grow..............but I'm sure it hampers the tight deadline with all the construction in phase 3.  

Today saw lots of activity though - rain or no rain.

They dug some VERY deep holes today for the posts that will hold the cover over the activity pool.  Thank you to Lillie Corbitt for sending me these first two photos.

Later this afternoon Don and I rode over to check on progress.  
The new restrooms have arrived from Cavco!

There's still plenty of work to do before they'll be set and hooked up.  Many city inspections to go through and pass.

We walked over to take a closer look at those deep holes so took the tour with Jim Dawson and our General Manager, Lisa Harold.

These rebar cages will be placed into each hole.

Machinery couldn't get one of the holes deep enough to it was Faustino to the rescue.  He volunteered to finish digging out the hole by hand!

He not only digs into that hard ground but then has to lift out the dirt overhead by bucket.  Yeow!

The food court area really looks nice.  They've done a great job with all the pavers and stone work around both sides of the wall.

The new pickleball courts have a base layer started.  It will be tricky to get the painting done between rain showers.  Weather here has been unpredictable.

All the lighting looks completed.

More bricks and mortar as the outside wall continues.  This is the area for the 10 RV sites.

Crews are working long and hard to get everything done before the big tournament.  I would like to give a special salute to Jim Dawson for some incredible planning to make all of this happen this summer.