Friday, October 23, 2015

Flowers, Softball, construction news

Had to take another look at all the flowers once they were unloaded.  Can't wait to see them planted. 

Coat of blue is applied to the new pickleball courts.  

Twelve full courts were in action this morning.

Lots of friendly hello waves!

Wooden forms are in place around the hot tub and swimming pool.

Rebar cages have been inserted into the deep footings waiting for concrete and posts.

Some kind of "special dirt" is arriving.  Don't know what its called but it will be spread onto the golf cart parking area across from the new pool.

Say good morning to Fred Shaffer and Gary Henning.  They were out for a walk and stopped to inspect the softball field.  Gary says practice has started and they'll be out on the field each morning at 9:00.  I even bought myself a nice stadium seat so I can comfortably watch their games this season.  Both Fred and Gary said they appreciated the blog this summer so they could stay tuned to all the construction.  Thanks guys!!  I'll be there to cheer you on this season.

Over at the south pavilion, work continues on the water run off area.  Today the cap goes on top of the wall to finish it off.

More of that "special dirt" is over here for the parking area.