Saturday, September 19, 2015

Getting ready for paving

We're really getting close to paving the new streets.  Tons and tons of the sub base material have been brought in and leveled.  Even today (Saturday) the crews are busy at work.

This is the big built up berm for storing the excess dirt and blocking off the new section of construction.  I think the future plan is to plant oleanders along the top but that won't be for a while yet.

Now its time to move all the piles of dirt away from the new houses.  The fastest way to do that is to put the big tonka trucks on the job.  It was fascinating to watch.  I sat out there and watched for a long time yesterday.

I didn't know the water trucks were so versatile.  He can even just spray out the side instead of just front and back.

This big street sweeper is in constant action as they work to keep the streets clear.

It sprays its own fine mist to keep down the dust.

After filling up with dirt, the earth mover goes behind the berm to dump the soil and then come back for more.

On our rounds this morning, we spotted all these forms built behind the concrete pads.  Looks like we're going to extend the length of the RV pads in this section.

All these sites were prepped along Palo Verde and Acacia in the 600s.

Meanwhile back on the golf course, they're finishing up the palm trees before reseeding the front.

The south pavilion is taking shape.  Side walks are poured and the fence posts are in place.

These little cactus plants look so perfect.  I asked Don for some close ups to show them off.

Must take time to smell the roses..........and watch the many varieties of Arizona plants.

Fantastic sunsets!!!  We truly like living here!!