Thursday, September 17, 2015


 Did you ever stop to think about the other details of installing 22 new rental homes this summer?  Each house has to be stocked for the incoming renters!  That means at least 22 vacuum cleaners, 22 ironing boards, 22 steam irons, probably 44 sets of sheets and bedding, 22 full towel sets, bath mats, plus all the kitchen accessories,....pots and pans, dishes, glassware, cleaning equipment, etc.  Plus the furniture, TV sets, pillows, rugs, etc. etc. etc.  

Some of the stuff is arriving already and temporarily stored until it can be put into the houses.  Looks like the Activities Office is a good place to store "stuff".

Say hello to our newest member of the maintenance staff.  We welcome Chris to the team.

Chris, Luis, and Eddie installed a new flat screen TV in the Adobe Room this afternoon.

We tuned it to Channel 3 so we could listen to the nice music while we played cards.  Nice!!