Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another day

I got brave and downloaded Windows 10 to my computer.  Now I need to take time to study and learn about all the new items it has to offer.  So far I've had fun with the drawing tools that allow you to write and draw on any web page, then save it as a .jpg

All the poles and fences are done at the pickleball courts.

It's amazing to see all the underground piping that leads to the new pool and hot tub.  I never stopped to think about it before.  It's fascinating to watch.

The hot tub looks like a giant erector set.  No wonder they're so expensive!

With all this heavy duty watering, we should start to see green grass on the ball field soon.

Pavers are underway by the food court area.  I couldn't stay by these men very long as my back started to ache just watching them.

The new houses are coming together rapidly.

Curbing continues on the new streets.

The back nine of the golf course (called the north nine) is being scalped for reseeding.  It looks like baling hay except it goes to our recycle heaps instead of bales.

The doves are loving it..

As you see all this work being performed, remember that it is still in the triple digits every day!  Here's my photo when I return home from just staying out long enough to take the pictures.  LOL