Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Busy Busy Busy

When the blazing sun goes down, it's safe to head to the pool at the end of each day.  

 Jim Reese did a heroic deed and rescued this pretty dragon fly from drowning in the pool.  I just happened to have my cell phone handy to get the picture while the little guy dried off before he successfully flew away.

from Suzette Taylor

The ball field is rapidly coming alive with its pretty green grass.

Progress at the food court.

Still digging trenches alongside the new pickleball courts.

The new houses on this street are all receiving a nicely paved patio area.

New houses continue to arrive.

Crews are concentrating on prepping the roads.

Dirt that is removed from the road ways is piled up on the berm where oleanders will eventually be planted.

Water trucks are busy keeping the dust to a minimum.

If you want your house washed before your arrival, I'd start making a reservation now as the power wash companies are starting to get busy already.

Concrete trucks are plentiful.

 The alert signal went off on our phones today announcing a wildfire just eight miles north of Casa Grande.  We could see smoke on the horizon.  This is probably a familiar site to some of you.  It was short lived here though.

Later in the morning, we hurried off to the ballroom for a delicious omelet breakfast. All you can eat with the toppings of your choice.  YUM!!  Over 50 residents were in attendance.

Yes, Joni was there with camera in hand taking photos for the Facebook page.