Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Labor Day plus more

 Wait till you see the nice lamp posts leading across the golf cart path at night.  Very nice!  It's hard to get a decent picture that shows the LED lights shining down and reflecting on the pyramid inside.  

 Don took this one of me trying to get a picture of a glowing light in the dark.  Rather difficult to do.:)

Ken Wolf caught this beautiful sunrise under the monsoon sky this week.

Labor Day!  We take the day off to celebrate while Ed, Bob, and Mark LABOR to make our day enjoyable.  Thanks for grilling up the burgers guys!

Tables are set for a festive meal.

Sandy and Chip Milner arrived early so we had time for some fun pics.  Sandy wanted me to post a picture of her when she's not eating.  I don't know if this is exactly what she had in mind.  Lots of laughs.

Time to eat!  MaryAnn makes all the potato salad herself!!  Delicious!

I believe our head count was about 75 people.

I spotted this fruit-laden palm tree this morning so had to stop for a quick photo.

Trimming the last of the palm trees out on the golf course.

Time to mow it short, thatch, vacuum, and reseed.  

We spotted Clint and Fernando so had to stop for a chat.

Fernando was explaining how he has to reseed and water certain sections of the park and golf course at a time to equalize water pressure and flow.  More information that we residents don't stop to think about.  

Curbs still being installed on the new streets.

The ballfield has been prepped and reseeded.  It will be pretty and green again very soon.

The new sports pool is dug.  Now comes all the pipes and wiring.

Hot tub.

Smoothing the ground so this whole area can have pavers installed around the food court area.

Hmmmm.....I wonder if this is a fire pit or just a flower bed.  I'll have to investigate.

Empire Fence gents are installing the big light posts.

They've obviously done this many times and have a teamwork system of lifting the HEAVY poles into place.  

Walk it up into place.  

Spotted Fernando and Clint again as they keep an eye on progress.

Palm Park will be seeded soon.

Whew!  That's enough for one day.  Gotta run as the girls will be picking me up for lunch soon.  We're headed out to Francisco Grande for a "peg witches" lunch.  Guaranteed fun!