Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Buffalo Wild Wings

A new restaurant in town is always a topic of interest.  Buffalo Wild Wings opened about a week or two ago.  Don and I waited for the crowds to dissipate before we gave it a try.  It's located out at the Promenade Mall right behind the In and Out Burger place (near Mimis).  They all have to share a parking lot which will be interesting on a big game afternoon.

Greeters at the front door surrounded by three large TV screens.

The menu lists the 'degree' of spice you desire.

TV screens galore all throughout the building.

Don counted 22 just from where we were sitting.  Two HUGE screens hang directly over the bar.  The bar will be a great place to sit on game day.

If you look to the back of the bar, there must be 20-30 beer taps and each is a different brand.  Could take a while to try them all.  It is a sports bar atmosphere so is quite noisy and loud.  We rate it as a fun place for a beer and snacks on game day but not the kind of place we'd go for a nice dinner.....but YOU be the judge as you'll be back soon.